this is what we do :

E42.A8 : improvisation space : the compilation IIIII published 1/3/2021 !!!

ini.itu : record label

Take A Chance On Me : ephemeral record label / social experiment


graphic works : sylvain van iniitu, assisted by asmayani kusrini

Piccolo : experimental sequencer

Tambour : quad MIDI delay

Dende : fractal MIDI delay


Textes (divers)


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RECENT SOLO RELEASE available on torrent :

vulgar display of debug, vol.8 [beggar, er, er] magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6DD86F8CE7EB6AFD891A0A7DA439531C6327F9C7&dn=sylvain%20van%20iniitu%20-%20Vulgar%20Display%20of%20Debug%20vol.8%20%5bbeggar%2c%20er%2c%20er%5d


RECENT SOLO RELEASES on other labels :

Vulgar display of debug, by 4LLP4 CH1N0

on New York Haunted


Vulgar Display of Debug vol​.​3 [thrift, thrift, Horatio​!​]

on Tanuki Records

Code 428

on co-dependent