by Sylvain van iniitu


Take A Chance On Me :

is an evanescent label and experience

i am running this as an exploration of atonment towards the postal system

and simultaneously as an exploration of what it really does, in terms of playing with hazard and dealing with materiality

a patient at the hospital told me recently that there was no hazard, only synchronicities, well let's find out

so here is the deal :

- i produce a single record with unreleased tracks, mostly algorithmic and stochastic music, to further the play on randomness. I may also ask friends or other artists to furnish unreleased tracks.

- this record is sent in a way that its cover is also the post packaging : any damage, mark, sticker to the packaging is also a welcome modification of the record itself

- the recipient is finishing the process by sending pictures of the arrived record, as it is. If the record never arrives, the recipient will produce the documentation of requests done to the post to locate it.

in doing so, the artist, the object, the post, and the recipient are uniquely bound in one experience. that forms the whole process


recap if you want to participate as an artist :

you produce a track, or several, involving if possible at least one aleatory/stochastic/random process
you send that via weTransfer or dropbox to me
i'll make one CD-R and package for it
put its availability on the tacom website
and when someone buys it, he will have to document its arrival state
everyone involved in the whole process, including the person receiving and documenting, AND the post, is credited 



AVAILABLE RECORDS ( as of 14 march2021 )

"the TDK serie"     sound by artwork by INITIATED SENT FINALIZED DOCUMENTATION  
  TACOM #1 "I'm the first in line" sound by Sylvain van iniitu Sylvain van iniitu with Martin Gius ( Austria ) & BPost ( Belgium ) & italian austrian postal services i suppose - - 15/9/2020 ??/9/2020 - finalized ( https://www.discogs.com/label/1901058-Take-A-Chance-On-Me ) 11/2020  
  TACOM #2 "If you change your mind" sound by Sylvain van iniitu idem INITIATED with Flavien Gillié ( Belgium ) & BPost ( Belgium ) - SENT 15/9/2020 - FINALIZED 16/9/2020 - DOCUMENTATION finalized ( https://www.discogs.com/label/1901058-Take-A-Chance-On-Me ) 11/2020  



"Honey" sound by Sylvain van iniitu idem INITIATED with Arthur Lacomme (Belgium) & BPost ( Belgium )   FINALIZED december 2020 DOCUMENTATION finalized ( https://www.discogs.com/Sylvain-van-iniitu-Arthur-Lacomme-BPost-Honey-TACOM3-/release/16340226 ) 12/2020  
  TACOM #4 "I'm still free" sound by Sylvain van iniitu idem INITIATED with Andy Via (United States of America) & BPost ( Belgium ) 8 january 2021 SENT 9 january 2021 with much formalities ( extra papers for customs declarations ) - FINALIZED 24 february 2021 DOCUMENTATION finalized ( https://www.discogs.com/release/17622442 )  
  TACOM #5 "the gods may throw a dice" sound by Flavien Gillié idem INITIATED with Jean Bender (France) & BPost ( Belgium ) 31st january 2021 SENT 22nd february 2021 FINALIZED 5 march 2021 DOCUMENTATION finalized https://www.discogs.com/Flavien-Gillié-Jean-Bender-Sylvain-van-iniitu-BPost-The-Gods-May-Throw-A-Dice/release/17846212 14 march 2021  
  TACOM #6 "All These Clouds Are Judging You" sound by Drvg Cvltvre idem INITIATED with Andy Feys & BPost will send soon not finalized yet not documented yet  
  TACOM #7 "stoemp de granules sur coulis de réverbération" sound by Arthur Lacomme idem INITIATED with Flavien Gillié ( Belgium ) & BPost (Belgium) SENT 1/12/2020 FINALIZED december 2020 DOCUMENTATION finalized ( https://www.discogs.com/Arthur-Lacomme-Sylvain-van-iniitu-Flavien-Gillié-BPost-Stoemp-De-Granules-Sur-Coulis-De-Réverbéra/release/16342920 ) 12/2020  
  TACOM #8 "for Sylvain" sound by Solah (Grégory Duby) idem INITIATED with Amélie Beckers & BPost - 31st january 2021 SENT 8 february 2021 FINALIZED 10 february 2021 DOCUMENTATION finalized ( https://www.discogs.com/Solah-6-Sylvain-van-iniitu-BPost-Amélie-Beckers-For-Sylvain-TACOM8-/release/17354164 )  
  TACOM #9 "Orange, vert, bleu, rouge" sound by Vox Rumori ( Ludovic Médery ) idem INITIATED with Quentin Conrate (France) & BPost (Belgium) 14 february 2021 SENT 22nd february 2021 FINALIZED 4 march 2021 DOCUMENTATION finalized https://www.discogs.com/Vox-Rumori-Quentin-Conrate-Sylvain-van-iniitu-BPost-Orange-vert-bleu-rouge/release/17846332 14 march 2021  
"the EMTEC serie"                  


"Allopathie" sound by Thomas Coquelet idem         AVAILABLE
  TACOM #11 "Low-Grade Euphoria" sound by Tzii idem INITIATED with Rémi De Andrade (France) 12 march 2021 SENT 15 march 2021 FINALIZED 17 march 2021 DOCUMENTATION https://www.discogs.com/TZii-Rémi-De-Andrade-Sylvain-van-iniitu-BPost-Low-Grade-Euphoria/release/17888833 finalized 17 march 2021  
AVAILABLE TACOM #12 "Inverted Dendermonde " sound by Plochingen idem         AVAILABLE
AVAILABLE TACOM #13 "Frottements & Tremblements - TPM/414" sound by David Neaud idem         AVAILABLE
AVAILABLE TACOM #14 "huit dés" sound by Frédéric Tentelier idem         AVAILABLE


"dice decide" sound by Roel Meelkop idem         AVAILABLE
AVAILABLE TACOM #16 "Résistances" sound by Susie Suptille idem         AVAILABLE
"Let's not overthink it" sound by Jos Smolders idem         AVAILABLE
"1984+1987+1989" (edit) sound by Mark Lyken idem         AVAILABLE
AVAILABLE TACOM #19 "Strooivelden" sound by Gert-Jan Prins idem         AVAILABLE
AVAILABLE TACOM #45 special birthday random artwork   idem FREE FREE FREE YOU MUST SEND ADRESS AVAILABLE

when not specified, artwork is done by me


of course, no preview, no samples, no bandcamp, no soundcloud : you really have to take a chance on the one you choose !


if you want to buy one of those records and be part of one experience, please send an email to ini.itu.rec@gmail.com - participation fee is 10€, by paypal

when the process is finished, the artist, the postal system, and the recipient will be co-authored for the finished object and documentation.

final documentation goes to Discogs



8 records have been sent ( as of 22 february 2021 )

0 records are waiting to be made and sent



8 process finished on february 2021: documentation visible on discogs ( https://www.discogs.com/label/1901058-Take-A-Chance-On-Me ) -

2 processes are unfinished

1 currently initiated



still available records : 6

sent records : 8

arrived records : 8

records supposed "on the way" : 1

officially lost records : 0

finished processes : 8