by Sylvain van iniitu


Take A Chance On Me :

is an evanescent label and experience

i am running this as an exploration of atonment towards the postal system

and simultaneously as an exploration of what it really does, in terms of playing with hazard and dealing with materiality

a patient at the hospital told me recently that there was no hazard, only synchronicities, well let's find out

so here is the deal :

- i produce a single record with unreleased tracks, mostly algorithmic and stochastic music, to further the play on randomness. I may also ask friends or other artists to furnish unreleased tracks.

- this record is sent in a way that its cover is also the post packaging : any damage, mark, sticker to the packaging is also a welcome modification of the record itself

- the recipient is finishing the process by sending pictures of the arrived record, as it is. If the record never arrives, the recipient will produce the documentation of requests done to the post to locate it.

in doing so, the artist, the object, the post, and the recipient are uniquely bound in one experience. that forms the whole process


AVAILABLE RECORDS ( as of 14th september 2020 )

TACOM #1 : "I'm the first in line" - sound bye Sylvain van iniitu - INITIATED with Martin Gius, Italy & La Poste ( Belgique ) & italian austrian postal services i suppose - SENT 15/9/2020

TACOM #2 : "If you change your mind" - sound bye Sylvain van iniitu - INITIATED with Flavien Gillié, Belgium & La Poste ( Belgique ) - SENT 15/9/2020 - FINALIZED 16/9/2020 - DOCUMENTATION being collated

TACOM #3 : "Honey" - sound bye Sylvain van iniitu

TACOM #4 : "I'm still free" - sound bye Sylvain van iniitu

TACOM #5 : "the gods may throw a dice" - sound by Flavien Gillié - artwork by Sylvain van iniitu


if you want to buy one of those records and be part of one experience, please send an email to ini.itu.rec@gmail.com - participation fee is 10€, by paypal

when the process is finished, the artist, the postal system, and the recipient will be co-authored for the finished object and documentation.

intermediate pictures will be put on my instagram account



2 records are sent ( on tuesday 15th september 2020 )



1 process finished on 16/9 : TACOM#2 - documentation being collated - visible soon



still available records : 3

sent records : 2

arrived records : 1

lost records : 0

finished processes : 1