Piccolo is a polyrythmic errorist and stochastic MIDI sequencer, slightly verging towards a proto-programmable interpreter, very apt to generative and process-based music.the current prototype ( PCBv3 ) is based on the Teensy 3.5 architecture and MIDI protocol.  The previous version ( PCBv2) was relying on ATmega2560.   The step to Teensy has provided 10x more precision in time, and 10x more memory. the best place to see some movies of the action of the current prototypes is on my fb page : https://www.facebook.com/Piccolo-MIDI-sequencer-230847087794581/ -i also compiled a few videos here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQdNbUFVs8c

the current version, (T21C99) features :

Big thanks to : Ikue Mori, Steve Reich, Two Lone Swordsmen, Christian Wolff, Seth Horvitz (Sutekh), Phillus, Burnt Friedman, Cylob and Actress for most inspiration on building this thing.

Development :

The future :We just had 3 prototypes given away for 3 months for feedback to various musicians. -> oct/nov 2018

We have upgraded the core of the machine to Teensy3.5 ( faster, more memory )

We will now build several machines, with a new layout : step sequencer buttons like the Electribe ; 1 fader

Later on, most likely a small edition of 12 Piccolos with a solid metal or wooden case - production price should be around 400€ - get in touch if you are interested at ini.itu.rec@gmail.com


Archives :t

the very very first prototype :the 2nd version ( PCBv2 )