updated april 2023

brand new forum, for exchanging tips, questions, solutions : https://piccolo.createaforum.com/index.php

Piccolo is a polyrythmic errorist and stochastic MIDI sequencer, slightly verging towards a proto-programmable interpreter, very apt to generative and process-based music.the current prototype ( PCBv3 ) is based on the Teensy 3.5 architecture and MIDI protocol.  Right now, january 2021, we are busy with the design of PCBv4, for Teensy4.1 and new hardware for rotary encoders, OLED screen and a slider. The previous version ( PCBv2) was relying on ATmega2560.   The step to Teensy3.5 had provided 10x more precision in time, and 10x more memory. For the next prototype, we are moving to Teensy 4.1 for even more accuracy and possibilites memory-wise. the best place to see some movies of the action of the current prototypes is on my fb page : https://www.facebook.com/Piccolo-MIDI-sequencer-230847087794581/ -i also compiled a few videos here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQdNbUFVs8c

there is a new video in the making and several records have been released as Sylvain van iniitu or 4LLP4 CH1N°, using Piccolo as its main core

the current software version (T2C27) running the sequencer, and fully written in C, features :

Big thanks to : Ikue Mori, Steve Reich, Two Lone Swordsmen, Christian Wolff, Seth Horvitz (Sutekh), Phillus, Burnt Friedman, Cylob and Actress for most inspiration on building this thing.

Development :


The future :

adding 1 fader to determine velocity in the step sequencer

Later on, most likely selling a few PCBs for those dont want to program and play, but not deal with the PCB production - get in touch if you are interested at ini.itu.rec@gmail.com

I will put the documentation online very soon



Archives :t

the "tambour" version, hosting Piccolo as well


the first PCB version ( PCBv3 )


the very very first prototype :the 2nd version ( PCBv2 )



Recent records done with Piccolo :


RECENT SOLO RELEASES on other labels :


Vulgar display of debug, by 4LLP4 CH1N0

on New York Haunted




Vulgar Display of Debug vol​.​3 [thrift, thrift, Horatio​!​]

on Tanuki Records



Code 428

on co-dependent