you can follow us here for occasionnal updates :

for the releases, one warning comes through our mailing list !


new release ready.
mission terminated.


"Il y a de l'espoir, mais pas pour nous"
Franz Kafka

looks like we'll round off the adventure by the end of 2016 !
testh pressinghz for our latest, last, ultimate LP, Frogoroth, are on the wayyyyy
always an horrible moment, where the worst can meet the best, according to chance, goodwill of skilled or unskilled technicians, stars alignments, and such

it's been a fun ride,


Hooked off fb once again, feels great again :)
a few weeks ago we did the mastering for the ultimate ini.itu LP, with Frederic Alstadt from Angstrom Mastering
he did a great job, taking out the best out of the 4 tracks fro the FROGOROTH LP,
which were done by Yannick Dauby, Dave Phillips, Slavek Kwi & Sylvain van iniitu

Last week was the cut, also excellent job !
now we are finishing the artwork.
the LP should be ready early 2017 probably.
As i'm utterly pissed with making boxes and packing and posting and receiving complains about the costs and the posts,
maybe this LP will be available only on "punk post" ways : you come to pick it up personnaly or you manage to get someone bring it to you.

now concentrating on E42.A8 activities.
concerts in Mannheim and Frankfurt at the end of february !

22 november 2016 "After CAB speech" playlist

1. Drome "The final corporate colonization of the unconscious" (Wigwam)
2. Hiss Tracts "Shortwave nights" (Constellation)
3. Silvester Anfang II "?" (Aurora Borealis")
4. Simon Wickham-Smith "A Hidden Life" (Tanuki)
5. Funkadelic "One Nation Under a Groove" (Charly) TIP!
6. Free Classical Guitar compilation (FF HHH) TIP!
7. Br'lâab "Boogie Throb" (Les champs brûlent)
8. Wolf Eyes "I am a problem : mind in pieces" (Third man records) TIP!
9. Sheep on Drugs "Greatest Hits" (Island Records)
10. Leon Thomas "Spirits known and unknown" (BGP Records) TIP!
11. Fissures "Errances solaires" (self released) TIP!
12. Betty Davis "?" (Light in the Attic)
13. LFO "Sheath" (Warp)
14. Asmus Tietchens "Beta-Menge" (Ritornell) TIP!
15. Steve Roden "Every Color Moving (1988-2003) (Sonoris) TIP!

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Yesterday was the release day of an LP by Jesus is my son !
excellent record, quite different from anything we've released until now
maybe the closest thing qua tempo migh be Kraig Grady's work

after this, the last project will be Frogoroth's LP
Still one track to finish, then the "usual" job

harassed the last few weeks by too little time to spend on answering ppl, listening to demos, replying mails,
packing box, re-packing boxes, getting notifications of bent corners, etc etc etc
poor sales, few reviews, you know the lament
i think i've quite had it
time to move on


Here he is. the newest LP by Jesus is my son !
still have to check with HIM when will be the official release date, but you are warned : the record exists.

what about the future ?

next step will be Frogoroth.
and then the hibernation, the long winter.


Masayuki Imanishi LP out now !!!
dear friends, if you want ini.itu to go on, it's time to buy

8.1.2016 ( after 1:0:0 )


Wieman LP available now !
their concert in Atelier Claus was great !
please beware that we'll be on holidays soon, so order fast if you need that LP to animate new year's eve


Okay, the Wieman LP is almost ready
maybe it will be OK for their performance in Bruxelles in a few days, 14th November
Let's see !

Masayuki Imanishi's LP is also sent to the factory

And before the end of the year we'll be ready with audio and artwork for Jesus is my son :)

We've been quiet for a long time but the end of 2015 is heavy

For 2016 we already have something hyper special and cool in the pipeline,
and after that : we'll see.
it would be good if more people bought our records, but that's what everyone says, right ?
nonetheless, please tell your friends about us, like our page, etc. you know the drill
we realized that in our own town/land still many people have never heard about us.
small is beautiful ? well...



I can barely believe that this page was not updated during almost one year !
well, one reason for that might be lack of ThyroÏd hormones, now THAT'S FIXED,
thank God for 20th century medicine about that - feels like getting out of a thick fog.

now the real news : ONE LP is on the way to be mastered
And a SECOND LP is also almost there
Artwork is ready for BOTH !

and then, a THIRD one for which the demo has been approved,
but we still need to find the rigth artwork.

So : expect a lot of ini.itu for the end of the year,

besides that, we are investing much time on E42.A8

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Where is time going ?
here is a link to David Ross & Clive Bell live in Wolf Vostell Museum :


i put in the review page the Wire reviews of 'Recovery Suite' and 'Escarpments' :)
Also in the Wire 365 an article about Anla Courtis !
Nice orders from Metamkine on the way
and i guess ready to go forward with the next 2 releases !

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ah, an excellent review of "Recovery Suite" popped up :)
and also a nice trio job on Textura :)
check out the reviews in the reviews pages, here here and here

Frogoroth rising !


het land is moe, het brood is krap.
our latest 3 releases are out since a few weeks but few interesting reviews have showed up.
nonetheless, already getting busy with some further stuff.
now that's crazy


6 years ago i used to download LPs from my car as boxes of 100 copies.
Tonight i did it by 50.
Yep, i'm getting wiser :)

tomorrow i'll shoot some pictures and then launch the campaign.
very pleased about the looks/feels of the sleeves/postcards
and of course, still very happy with the music :)

23rd february 2014 "downloading boxes " playlist

1. Ground Zero "plays standards" (Nani Records) TIP!
2. Brötzmann / Noble "I am here where are you" (Trost)
3. Jim O'Rourke "Disengage" (Staalplaat)
4. Nature and Organisation "Death in a snow leopard winter" (WSD)
5. Lalo Schifrin "Seven Classic Albums" (Real Gone Jazz)
6. Public Enemey "Fear of a black planet" (Def Jam)
7. Morton Feldman "For Samuel Beckett" Ensemble Modern conducted by Arturo Tamayo (Hat Hut) TIP!
8. M:I:5 "MassStab 1:5" (Profan)
9. Ground Zero "Consume Red" (ReR)
10. ONJO "ONJO" (Doubt)
11. Plug "Drum'n'bass for papa" (Blue Planet)
12. Morton Feldman "Rothko Chapel" "Why Patterns?" (New Albion Records)
13 Josef Anton Riedl "Klangregionen 1951-2007" (RZ Editions).
14. Fripp & Eno "No Pussyfooting" (Opal Ltd) TIP!

15. Caracass "Surgical Steel" (Nuclear Blast)


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the 3 new releases are now on the verge of being finished.
received the inserts/postcards today
and still have to pick up the LPs themselves tomorrow in the countryside.
( not like i'm looking for eggs or mushrooms, they have arrived there because i'm not always at home )

so, be ready in a few days to receive our usual newsletter announcing the release ! 1st march !


no more king in my own castle, it's now my daughter who dictates the playlist


so, this is my thing for 2013 :





Jørgen Leth

Vibrant Forms


Gnostic Preludes

Mathias Delplanque

Mycoplasma Pneumoniae

Karel Goeyvaerts & Baudouin Oosterlynck

Eliane Radigue, Peter Brotzmann, Keith Rowe

Paul Celan, Aki Shimazaki, Tchouang Tseu, Anselm Kiefer

Akifumi Nakajima, Zbigniew Karkowski, Bernard Parmegiani, Yusef Lateef

Critics reformulating press releases, crowdfunded relaunch, premature tops of the year




now that i've cancelled my private fb website ( the ini.itu one will be run by Asmayani and a friend ),
i'll have some more time for projects that need special attention.
Music, including Blindhaed and more lenghty mixes. Books. The Shed. my kid.
to get in touch, send me an email.


busy with test pressings !
#1304 is okayed
#1302 and #1303 need fine-tuning :)

subscribers to the mailing list will get a temporary download link for the popular A Closer Listen mix !



The sale with Norman Records went very well ! We hope we have many new followers now,
and getting ready for the final assault of 2013, discography-wise.
in 2014 we are preparing something different.


Busy with the preparation of 3 new releases before the end of the year !
One is argentinian cassetopic, Two is utopian islandish, Three is twinkle-achtig reduced to 2

also, celebrating our 5th birthday with a super discount at Norman Records !!!


We're super happy with this condensed review of the label, by Inspector Harensky !
Getting ready with 3 new releases, to celebrate our 5th birthday
No bollocks remixes on the fly, No superfluous compilation, just plain good new stuff :)

in the meantime, Yannick Dauby's album was reviewed in the Wire, check it out here


Getting ready for our 5th birthday in september, by making stuff to win on facebook every month.
check out our page there and make a chance.
we'll give away test pressings ( limited to 5 copies ) and other stuff !

Yannick Dauby's LP is on its way to the regular distributors !


Yannick Dauby's LP is now available ! It's a beauty :)

1st May 2013 "International Worker's Day " playlist

1. Pharoah Sanders "Wisdome Through Music" / "Village of the Pharoahs" (Impulse)
2. Tindersticks "Trouble Every Day OST" (Beggars Banquet) TIP!
3. DJ Sniff "the play-back" (Annihaya)
4. Brotzmann/Adasiewics "Going all fancy" Eremite
5. Rodolphe Alexis "Sempervirent" (Gruenrekorder)
6. "True Spirit" 3CD (Tresor) TIP!
7. Pantera "Vulgar Display of Power (ATCO)
8. Shank "Do" (NonPlace) TIP!
9. Frédéric Blondy & DJ Lenar "play Mauricio Kagel Ludwig Van" (Bolt)
10. Roel Meelkop "Secret Garden" (OtO) TIP!
11. Clive Bell & Dave Ross "Mystery Lights / Nightflower" (MetierJazz) TIP!
12. Jascon Lescalleet "Songs about nothing" 2CD (Erstwhile) TIP!
13 Rika Zaraï "Alors je chante" LP (Phillips).
14. Tortoise "TNT" (Thrill Jockey) TIP!

15. Pelt "Ayahuasca" (vhf) TIP!


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GREAT ! we got today Yannick Dauby's LP test pressings...
and they sound amazing ! Darmstadt is now in the Jungle
really recommended release for everyone into early electronics and field recordings with a twist

besides that good news, we've been pretty sick the last 2 weeks and not recovered completely yet
so things may cook a bit slowly during april... stay tuned

A comment about Anselm Kiefer's critique of Hegel and its pretension to
world expansion of an euro-centric model made great impression on us -
gotta retink some ideas of ini.itu on the light of this.

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OK, warming up for the release of Yannick Dauby's LP...
still busy finding the proper way to cut the beast, but it's probably coming quite soon !

in the meantime, here is an in-depth interview of Steve Roden, where he mentions the latest LP, the one he made for us :)
we still have a few copies of the thing, and having played the thing repeatedly last week i can tell you it's part of his key releases


artwork almost finished for Yannick Dauby's LP...
will come with 3 postcards, featuring images of batracians shot by Yannick Dauby himself
( the images were shot, not the batracians )
the sound was mastered by Taylor Deupree !

we recently sent a new year's best wishes, but sadly something went wrong and the image doesnt display,
so here it is :


today's date was well special !
we are back from Indonesia :)
had a great time in Bandung, meeting and playing with Husnaan again ( a name to remember ) and discovering Rumah Buku !
finally found some Lokananta records, including some very rare 10" with short samples, as well as a 78 rpm.
beautiful things to hold but almost unpossible to acquire ;)

this whole trip made us very enthousiast again, and we are now planning 4 new releases for next year.
keywords : 1. frogs 2. scales 3. indian epic 4. tapes
stay tunes to discover to which releases these keywords might refer...


today's date was a palindrome !
we are going to Indonesia very soon :)
recording in Makassar and Bandung and hopefully playing with friends in the latter :)
we'll be there around 5-9 desember, YES !
if you are in the 'hood, get in touch by email or fb if you want to meet the real people of ini.itu

also , there's a new release in the pipeline as well, expect it around january...
keyword : frogs !


getting better, but not completely yet,
so sorry for delays in post, delayed releases and delayed everything,
but my health has priority on your listening needs !

24 october "sick and tired of being sick and tired" playlist

1. John Coltrane cheap 3CD for 6 albums compilation, with Blue Train, Giant Steps, Soultrane, Olé Coltrane, Africa/Brass, My Favorite Things ( 3 Big )


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been sick for most of september/october
sorry for the delays
will get back as soon as i'm better


Rekkez and A Big Circle are already sold-out from Boomkat and temporarily from Metamkine :)
Less than 40 copies of Steve Roden's LP are available from us.
retailers who want to secure copies should contact us pretty soon !
We're very happy about this.
Looking forward to reviews now, not for publicity's sake, but for art's !


copies of Rekkez and Big Circle on their way to the distributors : Boomkat ( alrady online ), Metamkine, Toolbox Records, Tedium (US)
pretty soon : Drone Records.
physical : Veals&Geeks ( tomorrow), Antenne (already), soon : Besides, Vynilla
again, these things will fly fast, so act consequently. Like always : no repress. and we keep our promises !

by the way, excellent appreciations on Boomkat :)


test pressings approved,
posters ready to print
time to get sure you'll have your copy


test pressings on their way :)
cant wait to discover those 2 gems on wax
Rin, get ready to pack !

23 st july "3rd sunny day" playlist

1. Robert Lippok "Redsuperstructure" Raster-Noton TIP!
2. Margaret Dygas "Margaret Dygas" Perlon TIP!
3. Pinch & Shackleton "Pinch & Shackleton" Honest Jon
4. Sutekh "Collected Remixes 1999-2005" Leaf
5. Jazkamer "Metal Music Machine 2" Pica Disk
6. Om "Conference of the birds" Holy Mountain
7. Brian Eno "Ambient 1 Music for Airports" Astralwerks TIP!
8. Charles Gayles Quartet "Blue Shadows" (Silkheart)
9. James McDougall & Hiroki Sasajima "Injya" (Unfathomless)
10. Asmus Tietchens + Richard Chartier "Fabrication 2" (Aufabwegen)
11. Greid Gut Fraktion "Baustelle" (Monika Enterprise)
12. Five Elements Music "Rishikesh" (Unfathomless)
13. Drexciya "Journey of the deep sea dweller" (Clone Classic Cuts )
14. Can "Lost Tapes" 3CD (Spoon) TIP!
15. Popol Vuh "Music of Werner Herzog Movies" 5CD (SPV)


2 releases sent to the factory,
still need to print the inserts :)
these things might fly away fast, so subscribe to the newsletter to know when it's out and act fast.
( i dont want to push on consumption, but i also dont want the fans to miss out ! )

1 st july "short duty night" playlist

1. Insub Meta Orchestra "Archive #1" (Insubordinations)
2. Karst "toujours traîner des formes étranges" (Insubordinations)
3. Kapotte Muziek by Toshiya Tsunoda (Korm Plastics) TIP!
4. Crass "Christ - the album" (Crass Records)
5. Scorn "Evanescence/Ellipsis" (Earache) TIP!
6. Weather Report "the best of" (Legacy)
7. Einstuerzende Neubauten "2002-2010" (Mute)
8. Mick Harris "Hednod session" (Heavy Truth)
9. Thomas Köner "Nunatak / Teimo / Permafrost" (Type)
10. Sami Koivikko "Salmiakki" (Shitkatapult)
11. Plaistow "Lacrimosa" (Insubordinations) TIP!
12. d'incise "prairie" 2CD (Obs)
13. Cyril Bondy & Phonotopy "Komatsu" (Insubordinations) TIP!
14. & more : ECM LPs from 2nd hand on Discogs TIP!

mystery indications for the next releases : frogs, jakarta-buenos aires express, hanuman


The time is ripe to finalize the 2 next releases :)
artworks and masters are expected to go out of our HQs before the end of the week.

17 may "got sunburned visiting Han's caves" top of the playlist

1. Pali Meursault "Without the wolve" (Entr'Acte)
2. Otomo Yoshihide / New Jazz Quitntet "Live in Lisbon" (clean feed)
3. heu(s-k)ach & Pedro Sousa "i know not what tomorrow will bring" (Resting Bell) TIP!
4. Eliane Radigue "Geelriandre / Arthesis" (Senufo Edition) TIP!
5. bernhard günter "Redshift" (Trente Oiseaux) TIP!
6. The Tuss "Rushup Edge" (Rephlex) TIP!
7. Stephan Mathieu "A static place" (12k)
8. The Dear Listeners "Radiostilte" (Korm Plastics)
9. Asmus Tietchens "Soirée" (Line) TIP!
10. A Room40 compilation i got for free with the Wire a few years ago.
11. Peter Rehberg "Works for GV 2004-2008" (Mego)
12. Mecha/Orga "56:24" (Absurd)
13. VA "Dérives" (Univers International) TIP!


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First of all, a new place to get our records, in Lille, France, at Besides Records !
very nice team, cool place to find stuff like we did last week :
Death Grips LP, To Rococo Rot LP, Terje Rypdal-De Johnette-Miroslav Vitous LP on ECM, Lord Kirshna von Goloka LP, Edgar Varèse LP
they also have a nice Sun Ra selection !

our demo pile is finally digested, we are now setting on careful selection since we have a planning for 2012 and most of 2013 !

so, what are we busy with right now ?
2 releases : one by Mutamassik, the other one by Steve Roden.
stay tuned, and like i said before, subscribe to our mailing list if you want to know on time :)


So, what's the stimmung at ini.itu headquarters these days ?
first of all, we've received a lot of demos, so many that we are actually drowned in them, and cant properly answer the nice people who sent them in the right time.
to settle this up, i will devote one afternoon to deep listening
and extreme claustration, in critical writing mode.
secondly we will most probably revise our demo-policy
in an even meaner way
( see our FAQs to check how mean and old-fashionned it already is - well, i t's gonna get worse ).

Then, did i mention that Amelia Cuni & Werner Durand's "Already awake in the night" was featured not only in Sietse van Erve's top for 2011, but also in Wonderful Wooden Reasons' ?
check it out for yourself here :

Right now we are busy with the 3 releases of 2012, all of them in preparation and very exciting ! 2012 will bring us to new places :) That's the good start of 2012

The bad thing is that our project for an evening or two in Cinema Nova are not going on... So, if someone wants to organize a mini-festival for us, please get in touch !

i might finish some kind of best of 2011 myself before the end of 2012. Still have to listen to Frans' Ezdanitoff album though.

27 february "paying bils at night" playlist

1. Rob Swift "The ablist" (Asphodel)
2.Steve Roden "Crop circles" (trente oiseaux) HINT!
3. My Cat is An Alien / Mats Gustafsson "Cosmic Debris volume IV" (a silent place)
4. Nimh "Travel Diary" (A silent place)
5. Basy Schechter "Queen's Dominion" (Tzadik)
6. Dave Holland "selected recordings" (ECM)
7. Klezmerson "Siete" (Tzadik)
8. Machinefabriek "Daas" (Cold Spring)
9. d'incise "arpenter" (Taalem) TIP!
10.John Zorn "Interzone" (Tzadik) TIP!
11. "Marine Mammals and Fish of Lofoten and Vestalen" (Gruenrekorder)
12. Jason Kahn "Miramar" (sirr)
13. Francisco Lopez + Novi Sad "Titans" (GH Records)
14. Heu(s-k)ach & Pedro Sousa "i know not what tomorrow will bring" (resting bell)
15. "Mysteries of Creation" (Axiom) TIP!


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a new review of Boto [Encantado] by Caity Kerr, from The Field Recorder, is in !

in the meantime it's available from SoundOhm, Antenne, Veals&Geeks, Toolbox, Metamkine, Tedium House and soon Swill Radio...


in this period of ever-changing playlists and best-of ( of what, i ask you ) boulimia, here is a voluntarily reduced choice of extraordinary stuff :
* Sun Ra "Sleeping Beauty" LP on Art Yard
* the Stockhausen early stuff LPs on Doxy
* Armchair Traveller "Schöne Aussicht" LP on Staubgold
* Manitutshu* by Mark Fell on Mego, especially the Mat Steel extended remix

Also, Amelia Cuni & Werner Durand "already awake in the night" made it into Sietse Van Erve's #2 place :) great !

And in Nicola Catalano's best of the year, we find again d'incise !


Back from Berlin, we cannot stress how nice the Rumpsti Pumsti and Hardwax stores are.
We've been talking to many nice people there ! they'll recognize who they are :)


Artificial Memory Trace "Boto [Encantado]" copies already on their way to Metamkine and Tedium House...
other retailers should follow pretty soon.
in the meantime we updated the review sections, with P.Klingler reviews


Artificial Memory Trace "Boto [Encantado]" available this week !
early orders will be dispatched before the end of the week, before we take a break in Berlin for a few days :)


got the test pressings for Artificial Memory Trace "Boto [Encantado]" and they're brilliant !
really clear, smooth unfolding of the sounds, cant wait to see the sleeves as well :)


a great label-at-once review from mr Klingler here !
here and there i hear some people who'll remember the Dave Phillips / Freiband / Cuni-Durand LP as one of 2011's best :)

very busy with Blindhaed around new work, from Wadden

found back a quote today while sorting papers :
"Sometimes eagles are flying lower than poultry,
but never will any chicken rise higher than the eagle"

Ива́н Андре́евич Крыло́в

now reading : "our band could be your life" by MIchael Azzerad ! A MUST !
and in parallel : Sterne "Vie et opinions de Tristram Shandy" ! ANOTHER MUST !


I just updated the reviews section, with some new stuff from Rif Raf, Still Single, Textura.
Busy finishing the next LP, by Artificial Memory Trace !

reading Maurice Blanchot and Jean Giono


Big news : we were interviewed by Joaquim Cauqeraumont for the french magazine "A l'arrache" !
Check it out here if you speak french,
or here if you'd rather read an (approximative) english translation

Once again, many new reviews appeared !
Check all the individual pages for them :)
Especially worth mentionning is that our Amelia Cuni / Werner Durand release was ALBUM OF THE MONTH on Tokafi !

other news :
i got pretty much tired of fb, incessant updates, divulgationg of every bits of my private life, and general brainwashing.
I'm now back to my books and albums. There is stil an ini.itu fb account though, updated by Rini !

strange things happen : one of our albums is in AllMusic !
Dont know how, where, why... but there it is !

Thanks to KFJC for playing our Freiband release quite a few times in California ....
California, Über Alles !

busy with the last 2 releases for this year,
and already a big suprise for next year...

and the return of da list :

08 september "goodbye facebook" playlist

1. Sudden Infant "Solothurn" (Pure)
2. Violent Onsen Geisha "The Midnight Gambler" (Pure)
3. Runzelstirn/Gurglestock "Dein Mund So Rot..." (Pure)
4. Indigo Trio (Nicole Mitchell, harrison Bankhead, Hamid Drake) "Anaya" (Rogue Art)
5. Jazkamer "Metal Music Machine 2" (PicaDisk)
6. Jason Kahn & Richard Francis "MV28" (Monochrome Vision) TIP!
7. Zomby "Dedication" (4AD)
8. Giuseppe Ielasi "Tools" (12K)
9. Thomas Phillips / Luigi Turra "Vignettes amplifiées" (Nitkie)
10. Vairous Artists "Sound Ecology" (Nitkie)
11. Danielle Lemaire "Atomic Ballroom" (JaDa)
12. DJ Sniff "ep" (psi records)
13. Albert Ayler "New Grass" (Impulse) TIP!
14. Artificial Memory Trace "Ama_Zone1:Black Waters" (Monochrome Vision)
15. Taylor Deupree "Shoals" (12K) TIP!

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Many reviews appeared in the meantime about various releases :
Check the newest Freiband ones here,
the newest Amelia Cuni / Werner Durand here,
well, check ti all !


We now have a record label page on fb.
Updated regularly with about the same kind of things as here.
Might be easier to follow for some :


"Stainless Steel ", by Freiband, was reviewed by James Wyness on his excellent Fouter & Swick blog !
Also, there is a serie of reviews being written about all our releases on the french Liability Webzine !
Check their website or our Blindhaed reviews page for the first episode

Did i tell you that another Blindhaed release, the one on Mystery Sea, "Laguna Sunrise", had been reviewed by the intrepid Massimo Ricci ?
Check it out here !!!


"Stainless Steel ", by Freiband, was chosen by SoundOhm as pick of the week, with mention "Revelation" ! Check it out on their website

'Stainless Steel' is already available from Metamkine, Toolbox, Norman Records, Instant Jazz, Veals&Geeks, Antenne, Swill Radio, SoundOhm
and should be very soon ready from Drone Records, RRRecords (US), Tedium House (US), Vinyla
isnt that nice ?

We are opening a 'contest' section very soon, with every 2 months something to win...

We found out that some of our records are landing into 'tops' :
notably 'already awake in the night' for Sietse 'Moving Furniture/Orphax' van Erve's and also 'stainless steel' some metal fans : thanks for your appreciation !


The winner of the contest is Joaquim Coqueraumont ! he sent us a nice rusty metal plate from Le Bois du Cazier, in Belgium
we think we'll open soon a contest section !

many copies of Stainles Steel are on their way to the mailorders or to the reviewers :)

We have set up a new mailing-list system : subscribe to be kept updated !!!

the next challenges : 2 LPs in the autumn, and hopefully a concert with live gamelan !


Because the release of our latest LP on ini.itu by Freiband ( Frans de Waard ) puts us in a good mood, we decided to launch a little contest. 

The rules are simple : 
1. check our website ( ) and find out our email adress there
2. send us a picture of a rusty metal surface that you shot yourself
3. share this on your profile

The best photographer will receive an LP :)

limit 30th june


On 21st of June, we'll release our new LP, "Stainless Steel", by Freiband, aka Frans de Waard.
Probably our most radical release until now ! check out the press release for super information
There is a companion 3" on Moll, which is Frans' label, for the completists !


New reviews, for the Amelia Cuni / Werner Durand LP, once again thanks to the excellent James Wyness on his blog Fouter & Swick.

Our next release is slowly getting ready for release. After a nice cut session the lacquers were sent to the press.
2 locked grooves announced on this one :)
And surprise ! it will get a companion release on another label.... suspense, suspense...


Many new reviews, for the d'incise LP and for the Dave Phillips/Cornelia Hesse-Honegger LP !

Many new distributors ! especially in the U.S.A.
Copies on their way to Japan too, more about it soon.

A new release is planned, full steam ahead.
Stay tuned for something hard and sharp.

We are more and more busy on fb. Add us to your friends there for daily temperature at ini.itu HQ :)



The first review for our release by Werner Durand / Amelia Cuni is here !
The album is very appreciated at SoundOhm, who made it "Highly Recommended" album of the month

We are slowly but surely getting ready for the new releases of 2011.
Expect some Sharp Minimal Electronics next ;)

In the U.S., Tedium House has copies of our Dave Phillips release !


So, our release by Werner Durand / Amelia Cuni is finally out ! this little gem was not easy to press, hence the delay :)
indeed the record intricate layering of sine wase, dhrupad singing and sarode is really full of phase shifts and low frequencies.
but alleluiah, here it is now ! copies are on their way to the regular places...

we will also send promo copies next week.
this time we will be more strict : we only send to people who reviewed the last package, and preferably on EU ground.
we indeed have to spare for our next releases :) YEAH !

Blyndhaeth has a track on Consounling Sound's forthcoming compilation, due for releaese on 25th march.
a lot of nice artists on the CD as well... N, Multer, Mirko Uhlig, Tzesne. Should be great.

d'incise was played on Radio3 Italy a few days ago !
Thanks to Nicola Catalano for his support :)

I dont know if i mentionned this already, but we are now in FaceBook.
get in touch with us there for some daily news, playlists, and silly stuff.


What more can you expect on Valentine's day than a review of "Mutations" on Still Single ?
isnt that lovely...


Review for "Mutations" in The Wire, added here !


New reviews for d'incise and Dave Phillips / Cornelia Hesse-Honegger !
from Sergei ( Maeror3 blog ) and Textura ! Check them out in d'incise reviews and in Dave Phillips / Cornelia Hesse-Honegger reviews !
also there is a review in The Wire from february, but i havent received it yet...

starting this month, a new project for 2011. It's not vinyl, it's paper.
i wont say more, surprise at the end of the year.
(knock on wood)


All our releases are now available from Toolbox Records, in France
that's a good place to dig if you like hard hitting electronic tunes !

There will be a compilation featuring Blyndhaed soon, and ini.itu will soon host their webpage, since myspace has become so shitty.
there is a project of an electric kecapi record.
and a remix for d'incise in the making.

on 23rd january, be sure to be at Ateliers Claus, for the dutch brotherhood.



Dave Phillips / Cornelia Hesse-Honegger "mutations" available in the US from RRRecords ! Thanks to Ron Lessard !

Closer to home, some of our releases are now available as well from Instant Jazz, a very nice jazz oriented mailorder -
ideal for those who dig Brötzmann as well, like we do


"Des années passèrent. Les unes après les autres
quand les 31 décembre avaient la mémoire des incidents,
les unes dans les autres quand, pour quelque raison,
les horloges s'arrêtaient de battre les secondes. Certaines
passaient bien lentement, plus âcres qu'un nuage de
gaz toxique; d'autres, en revanche, filaient fulgurantes,
insaisissables, comme ces grands poissons qui naviguent,
phosphorescents, dans le ciel, quand les nuits sont très
noires." [ Jacques Sternberg, "l'employé" ]

All the best for 2011 !


Liv likes
Bjork - Human Behaviour Live in Glastonbury
Bjork - Joga Live on Later with Jools Holland
Bjork - So Broken Live on Later with Jools Holland


well, a few good news :

"Rivages sur l'antipode", by d'incise, was chosen by SoundOhm as pick of the week, with mention "Revelation" ! Check it out on their website

One of our older releases, "Let's make a solar system", by Twinkle³ made it into the top10 of Nicola Catalano, of Radio 3 Italia and Blow Up magazine :)
check his show on 29th december, he will play his best-of
or if you live in Italy, check the latest edition of Blow Up !

Good distribution news :
some of our releases will be on U.S. ground, at RRRecords ( Dave Phillips ) and at Swill Radio ( Dave Phillips & d'incise )
if you want one, you have to RUSH, because we were not sending, like a truckload, but rather a few.
if you are american and good at persuasion, please work on someone there to distribute our full catalog...
(you'll get a poster, promise)

now, some news of our friends blindhæð :
they will play as a support of Martiensgohome for the release party of their newest release, a 10", "MGH PLAYS ULVER"
as pth said : "secret location on the 8th of January 2011"
for that occasion, a solo incarnation of blindhæð will rework "Laguna Sunrise", maybe with kecapi-drones on top.
to know when, where, you need to make contact.

we have since short a MixCloud account.
i think that for the new year we'll give a mix of all our releases, as a gift.
We are also on facebook, where some small news and daily insignificances might be shared.

now, after all this good stuff, the not so good news :
we have more delay on the Amelia Cuni / Werner Durand release,
simply because the pressing has proved to be extremely difficult to realize,
some frequency jams make it difficult to use one pressing method ( called Direct Metal Mastering ), so we are going for the good old lacquers...
tests on the way, stay tuned for this excellent release !

          / \
         /*  \
        /. : *\
       /_ .  ._\
        /  *  \
       / .  .  \
      / *  . . *\
     / .  *  . : \
    / :   *  *  . \
   / .  *   .    : \
  /___ :  .    * ___\
     /  :  . : . \
Liv likes to watch : 

Yah! Buraka Som Sistema feat. Petty
2 Unlimited - No Limits
Moloko - Sing it back
Roisin Murphy - Overpowered
Daft Punk - Da Funk
Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Murder on the dancefloor
Fatboy slim - Rockafeller Skank
Fatboy Slim - Push the tempo



First reviews for "rivages sur l'antipode" and "mutations", by the always first Frans de Waard !
Check them out here and here

ah... and oh, well, we have a fb account now.
the news there will somewhat reflect what's here.


One of our releases was played on France Culture :) in the show Electromania more exactly, by David Jisse, Christian Zanési & Christophe Bourseiller

find out which one here...


R.I.P. Technics 1200


many of our latest releases are flying all over Europe, in the cold winter freeze, to reach their creators or distributors...


We've been today to Jos Smolders and Asmus Tietchens' show @ Atelier Claus, that was great ! but goddamn freezing room.
current fixations : Ramayana, Dangdut

28 november "waiting" playlist

1. Husnaan "in the cave (so they heard not)" TAPE (Husnaan Private Press) TIP!
2. Banks Bailey "Upwelling" (Mystery Sea)
3. Eric la Casa "Zone Sensible 2 / Dundee 2" (Room 40)
4. d'incise "la boîte du diable" ( ? ) TIP!
5. Pink Floyd "Obscured by Clouds" (EMI)
6. Philip Sulidae "Banish" (Mystery Sea) TIP!
7. VA. "musics in the margin" (Sub Rosa)
8. Squarepusher "Solo Electric Bass 1" (Warp)
9. mnortham "Suhina" (Substantia Innominata)
10. The Lounge Lizards "No pain for cakes" LP (RCA)
11. Starfish Pool "Illusion of Move" LP (Hymen)
still remembering the frenetic pulse that this guy once created as an alternative soundtrack to Tetsuo.
12. Laub "Intuition" LP (Kitty-Yo)

currently reading :

Liv loves :



3 new releases available ! check the main page !
copies will be on their way this week to the usual shops and mail-orders who stock them : Drone Records, SoundOhm, Metamkine, Tochnit Aleph.
some others should follow afterwards...


armistisce day, but not quiet at all here : our fall offensive is about to start, probably next week.
polishing off the press releases, and preparing the boxing tools :)
stay tuned...

the d'incise show @ Veals&Geeks was great !
check our new Events page for pictures in the next few days


back from Indonesia, where the concert with Blindhaed was great fun !
thanks to all who participated, Duto Hardono (Husnaan), ZZZZ, A Stone A, Seniman Purbakala, Ranti, Gustaf and all the devotees of Common Room
pictures will follow soon, samples might appear as well :)

in Bruxelles now :

d'incise ( Laurent Peter )
live @ Veals&Geeks
Rue des Grands Carmes 8a
1000 Brussels

monday 8 nov 2010 - 19h30 - free



been very busy lately, with non-musical projects,
we are going to Indonesia for one month in october,
where Blindhaed will play with local musician hosts at Common Room

we'll resume normal operations in November
3 release on the shelf, which are being pressed right now
we'll unfold the newest projects after those 3 release :
teasers : sa'aidi - nijmegen - amazon - 3tapes
now, you have time to guess, see you again later !



listening to the Incredible String Band's "The 5000 spirits or the layers of the onion",
while finalizing the cover of our Werner Durand / Amelia Cuni release !
the d'incise one is already on its way to the factory :)


back after some time !
We are finally in the final stage of releasing something new :)
for this round of releases we'll be targetting where it's effective.
We actually have 2 imminent releases : one by Werner Durand & Amelia Cuni, a wonderful "sine tones drone meets sarod and dhrupad singing" LP, mastered by Cedrik Fermont
the 2nd one is the much anticipated ( everyone is writing that kind of lines so why wouldnt we ? ) first LP release by d'incise, mastered by none less than James Plotkin.
those 2 nice things will be available end of september - you can preorder now !

the Dave Phillips / Cornelia Hesse-Honegger release is also in the stage of being mastered, but still needs some fine-tuning.
so, stay tuned !

d'incise will also probably be playing somewhere in November in Bruxelles !

19 august "ich bin ein rottweiler" playlist

1.Richard Lainhart "White Night" (Ex Ovo)
2. VRIL "The observer" (Skull Noise Records)
3. Frank Bretscheider & Peter Duimelinks "fflulx" (Brombron - Korm Plastics) TIP!
4. Final "One" (Subharmonic) TIP!
so much in advance for its time...
5. Thurston Moore "Kapotte Muziek by..." (Korm Plastics)
6. Zomby "One foot ahead of the other EP" (Tempa) TIP!
simple, danceable and viral
7. Z'Ev "Forwaard" (Korm Plastics)
8. Kapotte Muziek & Lethe "Tsurumai" (Intransitive Recordings)
9. Various Artists "Escaping from Color - rapoon recomposed & remixed" (Quasi Pop) TIP!
especially nice: the francisco lópez mix,as well as the Gert-Jan Prins one. The whole is great.
10. Feu Follet "Nuages sur la nuit" 2CD (Tosom)
addictive stuff, strongly reminding of Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream
11. Sudden Infant "The Phone People" tape (Quasi Pop) TIP!
wonderful little gem, makes us want to release tapes as well... who knows ? :)
12. Steve Roden "Winter Couplet" (New Plastic Music) TIP!
already a classic for us !


picked up the Yi-Jing this morning,
got #49 "GE" = Révolution (Renouveler)

Little excerpt from "Le livre des changements" by Pierre Faure :

"Révolution est un moment de renouvellement
et de remise à jour radicale.Il doit amener à la prise de conscience
qu'une manière d'être, une emprise ou une domination est devenue
obsolète. Cependant le désir de se débaraser de ce qui ne fonctionne
plus ne doit pas aveugler. Le choix du moment conditionne la réussite
du bouleversement. La révolution ne peut aboutir à un réajustement
durable que si elle est améne à l'heure juste, c'est-à-dire quand l'autorité
qui doit succéder au mandat actuel est prête à en prendre la relève." ( p794)

11 july "gulden ontsporing" playlist / Lanz / Phillips "Schimpfluch-Commune Int." (Nihil)
like someone else said "snuff cinéma pour l'oreille" - crazy stuff !
2.Pole "Steingarten remixes" (Scape) TIP!
obviously improved versions compared to the original material
special mention to the Ghislain Poirier remix

3. Zomby "One foot ahead of the other EP" (Ramp)
4. Dead Peni "2 - 4 + 1" (blossoming noise) TIP!
excellent doom/earth project from Dave Phillips, bass, distortion and gloom

5. Dave Phillips "ghi âm viêt nam" (Little enjoyer) TIP!
reconstituted soundscape from Viet-Nam, a must for the fans of La Selva

6. Scout Niblett "The calcination of Scout Niblett" (Drag City) TIP!
darker and desolate stuff from Scout, one more gem to her discography
7. V.A. "j'ee-haw remixed" 2CD-R (Esc.rec)
8. The Meditations "I love Jah" (Wackies)
9. Gil Scott-Heron "The best of" (Arista)
10. Dave Phillips "A collection of curses" (blossoming noise)
11. Broadcast "Ha Ha Sound" (Warp)
12. R.Z.A. "as Bobby Digital in Stereo" (V2)
13. Leo Kottke "My feet are sminling" LP (Capitol)
14. Material "Seven Souls" LP (Virgin)
15. OST. "Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid" LP (CBS)

currently reading :

Liv loves :



we are off for a few days to Slovenia,
with pauses in Switzerland, Austria and Germany ( GAS! )

imminent release of our old friends Blindhead's Laguna Sunrise on Mystery Sea


Another wonderful review of Anaphoria on Tokafi, by Tobias Fischer.
Check it out here.

Soon some nice things related to our Dave Phillips/Cornelia Hesse-Honegger release will be available...
stay tuned to know what :)



Reviews popping up in Blow Up (Italy) and His Voice (Czech Republic) !
take a look in the reviews section :)

We received a wonderful demo based on an Indian morning raga.
more news about this one soon...

9 may "fish and mozzarella" playlist

1. Van Morrison "Astral Weeks" (Warner) TIP!
2. Eddie Veder "into the wild" (BMG)
surviving without the society ?
3. Thee, Stranded Horse "Churning Strides" (Blank Tapes)
4. Charlemagne Palestine "Golden 3" (Alga Marghen) TIP!
wonderful pioneering drone-works from 1965-1970 which is still relevant
5. Charlemagne Palestine "Jamaica Heinekens In Brooklyn" (Barooni)
not the place to start with
6. Palestine / Coulter / Mathoul "Maximin" (Young God Records)
great revisions of older material
7. Charlemagne Palestine "Music for big ears" (Staalplaat)
minimal, repetitive bells
8. M.Ward "Hold Time" (4AD) TIP!
9. Dave Phillips "?" (HCBRecords)
10. Joanna Newsom "Have one on me" (Drag City)
despite raving reviews, quite difficult to get into
11. Kapotte Muziek "Assemblage" (Lunhare)
12. Carlos Villena "Promo CD" (private) TIP!
wonderful sampler of this promising artist
13. V.A. "Klangmaschine_Soundmachine" (Ritornell)
14. Kinesthesia "Empathy Box" (Rephlex) TIP!
cant take this one off my CD player since a few months
15. Die Anarchistische Abendunterhalgung "The Shepherd's Dream" (Radical Duke) TIP!
more chamber-oriented than previous releases; probably one of the nicest packages of 2010



Many good news :

New review in Earlabs for the Anaphoria LP : check it out in the reviews page !
also, our Twinkle³ LP appears on Boomkat
About Untitled #228, we'll have 10 copies that were not picked up by some guys, will be for sale at Veals&Geeks very soon.
rumors of an imminent release of Blindhaed's "Laguna Sunrise" on Mystery Sea.

Slightly less good : some delay for the 2 next releases, still at mastering stage :(



Rif-Raf, a belgian independant music magazine, has published a nice feature about ini.itu on its april 2010 issue (number 159)
Check page 4 and 5 !

Right in time for our birthday :)

Nicola Catano from Radio 3 in Italy also played some Twinkle3 on his show last week



thanks to Nicola Catano for playing some of our releases on Radio 3 in italy !
check out the website, and the podcast of yesterday's show.


It's a bit quiet on the surface, but we're busy with our next 4 releases :
2 of them are in the stage of mastering and finishing the artwork
for 1 more we are still discussing the tracks and the artwork is sketched
for a later one we're still in a very early stage...

14 march playlist

1. erratic "the invisible landscape" (Mystery Sea)
2. Final "solaris EP" (Alley Sweeper)
3. Pavement "Crooked rain crooked rain (deluxe)" (Domino)
4. OHM+ : the early gurus of electronic music (ellipsis arts)
5. Transglobal Underground "1991-1998 : backpacking on the graves of our ancestors" (Nation Records)
6. Das Synthetische Mischgewebe "the escape of the electrified dermatologist epitomises his dissent with the compromising juxtaposition of the smell and sound of a pair of wings injured in subdued romance" (Monochrome vision)
7. Quest "hic locus quest" (Noise Museum)
8. P16.D4 "Tionchor" (Sonoris)
9. Treponem Pal "Excess and overdrive" (Roadrunner)
10. Kouhei Matsunaga "Self V.A." (Important records) TIP!
out of the 4 recent releases, this is the one to go for
11. francisco lópez "untitled (2006-2007)" TIP!
imho this album presents some of his best short pieces, very varied and well built.

12. to rococo rot ".cd" (Kitty-Yo)
13. mika vaino, kouhei matsunaga, sean booth "3. telepathics meh in-sect connection" (important records)
14. James McDougall "Dispossession of Periphery" (Mystery Sea) TIP!
one of the best releases on the MS label - and trust me i know them all :)

15. martiensgohome "Andenne Zizanie" 3"CD private release TIP!

currently reading :

Liv loves :




Our Sa'aidi Hardcore & Baladi Breakbeats friend Mutamassik just released her newest album, "That which death cannot destroy",
one that cannot be bought or sold, and so, available for download here.
Check it out !!!



Tobias Fischer from Tokafi just published a "15 questions" to Kraig Grady, with a nice introduction to his release on ini.itu; a full review should follow.

On Furthernoise, we have Roger Mills reviewing the Anaphoria and the López LPs, with some wonderful words about ini.itu :

"Think of field trips to Java or the 1895 Exposition Universelles organised by Colin McPhee, Henry Cowell or Claude Debussy with Harry Parch and Pierre Schaeffer in tow, and you will be somewhere in the ball park of where this unique label is."

Thanks to Jeroen de Wandel for playing Twinkle³ in one of his shows.
You can listen to them online - very tasty !


The end of last year ( 2009 in case you didnt remember ) is still here, with Gregg Wager featuring Anaphoria in his best-of the year :
Check it out on Perfect Sound Forever website.

This morning, francisco lópez's "untitled #228" suddenly appeared on the so-called from Russia
of course it WASNT, and upon asking, it was kindly removed. Should i say thanks ?
They were asking 0.9€ for the download.



Anyway, we are starting a new bunch of projected releases, that might materialize around 2011 or 2012,
involving languages, semantic and semiotic exchanges between Indonesia and Europe, and of course... experimental music & field recordings !
The first stone in that direction was this email / post to our friends :

hi !
for a new project, i'm looking for words in bahasa that are rooted ( but slightly modified ) in the following languages :
Dutch, French, German and Italian.
The first one is quite easy : kantor, apotek, polisi, kualitas, wortel, kamar, rokok, korupsi all come from appropriated dutch words.
But i've had no luck in finding examples for the other 3 languages...    So, has anyone ideas ?    Extra ones for the first category are also welcome.

I'll set up a page soon with the first results, amazing :)
if you have any word, feel free to mail us !


Looks like our francisco lópez "untitled #228" release is already highly downloaded on torrents, soulseek and other illegal download websites.
the file is called "francisco lopez untitled 228 LP BCC", and the uploader was kind enough to put a link to our website.
why not some little promotion for our other releases at the same time ? would be appreciated !
Well, anyway, we already have 3 crews from RIAA doing shifts to resolve that problem...

No, seriously, what's the point ?
all i can tell is that, kids, an mp3 on your ipod is not the same as a vinyl on your turntable :)
still, enjoy the listening !

Moving on, we are waiting for the mastering of our next release, by d'incise.
this release will be accompanied, in some copies, by a Serigraphy, made by Laurent Peter himself.
you can reserve one if you feel like !

and now something you all have been waiting for since at least november 2009, a new playlist :
( i hope one day the guys from The Wire will see that it's pre-formatted to fit their monthly column )

2 february 2010 "back to Masada" playlist

1. Andrea Parker "Melodious Thunk" (Mo'Wax) TIP!
2. Diatribes feat. Curado & Viegas "Travessia Dos Respigadores" (Test Tube) TIP!
3. Mathieu Ruhlmann "funayurei" (Unfathomless)
4. Ian Holloway "She loves to see the sky" (Quiet World)
5. d'incise "morsure souffle" (Test Tube)
6. Colin Andrew Sheffield "Signatures" (Invisible Birds)
7. Boredoms "Super Roots 8" (Very Friendly) TIP!
8. Masada "Het" (DIW) TIP!
9. Dronaement "Ezoterick Muzick" (Afe)
10. Three Inch Compact Disc featuring exclusive tracks by Masonna / MC Hellshit & DJ Carhouse / Merzbow 3"CD (Mute)
11. Love inc. "Life's a Gas" (Force Inc)
12. Jim Haynes "Sever" (Intransitive Recordings)
13. AAL "Urania" 6CD Box (Afe)
14. Annette Peacock "Been in the streets too long" LP (Ironic Records) TIP!
15. Dale Lloyd "Akasha for record" LP (Elevator Bath)

currently reading :

Liv loves :



One more review for Untitled #228 on Maeror3 blog ! check our review section for translation if you dont fluently speak russian ;)


So, many news :

Here we are again, after a familial week-end in the lowlands, meeting DJ DMDN from the excellent vinyl shop Antenne in Tilburg;
and after a nice evening in Amsterdam, with francisco lópez having a talk about his Mamori (Amazon) stages,
( sorry, if Liv added a few sounds to the conference ... )
a talk that was held in the lab of the impressive Optofonica foundation, thanks to their dynamic and friendly members ( TeZ, Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand )
They should have works featured in the upcoming Sonic Arts festival, check it out if you are in Amsterdam by end february !

First of all, we were delighted that "untitled #228" was *ALBUM OF THE WEEK* for Boomkat, last week !
Great to see that album recognized at its right value. It also means it will fly away fast :)
and... ahum... i just checked, it's sold out from them already.
Best next places to watch for it if you're still looking : Drone Records and Metamkine.

One more review for that same album, by James Wyness, on his blog. Check it out, there is a nice reflection about "absolute noise concrete", worth developping.
a great reviewer that will still hear from ini.itu for our next releases ( we have 4 in the pipeline for 2010 )

Speaking about that, we met Laurent Peter, better known as d'incise, this week-end, to finalize his LP for ini.itu,
which will be called "Rivages sur l'antipode". A great selection of spliced field-recordings, rearranged with alinear and broken rythms
- tip ! -


2 new reviews for our Anaphoria LP !

Curiouser and curiouser still, you can get the whole ini.itu catalogue here : No Man's Land (GER) and SoundOhm (IT)

several interesting things for next week-end :
Diatribes ( feat. d'incise ) + Julia Eckhardt will be playing in Bruxelles on sunday 24th, @ obsessions intimes. - we might be there !
francisco lópez
will make a speech at Optofonica in Amsterdam on saturday 23rd - we'll be there !

"Saturday, January 23rd, 19:30
Optofonica Laboratory
Damrak 70, Amsterdam

Spanish sound artist and biologist, Francisco Lopez, will present an immersive listening experience of his recent recordings in the Amazon jungle.  After a career as an entomologist, particularly conducting field work on insect communication, Lopez became interested in sound art.  Among his numerous and renowned activities as a composer, he has been directing acoustic workshops in the wildest  depths of the Brazilian rain forest for the past 10 years.  In addition to multi-channel sonic documentations, Lopez will share stories of animal encounters and other survivalist episodes. "


By mysterious ways, we are now available from A-Musik too :)


Stay-at-home-indie-pop liked our Twinkle³ album, and put it at a decent #32 place for its annual top :)
Daniel Crokaert from Mystery Sea also put our López LP in his favorites of the year.


Our López LP, as well as our Twinkle³ LP, will be available imminently on Boomkat :)
if things are going on like this a little longer, the López LP will soon be sold out from us.

i saw Jeffrey Davison has been playing some more Anaphoria recently on WFMU !

Kraig Grady ( Anaphoria) will be playing the now now festival
If you're in Australia, check him out ! you might as well grab a copy of his latest LP there...


first review for our López LP, by Frans de Waard, in Vital Weekly - he's always #1 to write !
a good one, since he writes : "One of the best Lopez pieces I heard."
And he's well placed to know, following him since years and having recently released "in de Blaauwe Hand" !


the Anaphoria LP was played by Jeffrey Davison on his WFMU show, "shrunken planet" :)
a show worth streaming !


New review for the Blindhaed LP by Igor from Stigmata !

the López LP is on its way to different shops and mail-orders
We are pleased to announce that [Art into Life] and Metamkine will be added to our distributors :)
Now one more for the US and we'll be really happy... please guys, come on...


López's Untitled #228 has arrived !
We'll be starting the promo tomorrow, with first a batch of press releases
and sending to stuff to our truest reviewers :)


López's Untitled #228 is pressed and on its way to our headquarters !
Stay tuned for imminent update with press release, clips and availability.

We have a nice weekend behind us, where despite missing them live
we could meet the great people from Zebra / Freiband / Kapotte Muziek
( well, Frans and Roel if you want to know ) - We hope they'll make it to Indonesia once !
we'll be working on this ...

Finalising a 2009 list for Wonderful Wooden Reasons with our favorite music, gigs and events.
disclosing a few projects for 2010 in there ? check it out yourself.


New great reviews of Blindhaed, Twinkle³ and Anaphoria LPs by Wonderful Wooden Reasons.



New reviews of Blindhaed's LP and Anaphoria's LP by Textura.
slight delay on the pressing of francisco lópez's untitled #228.
good news for the Dave Phillips / Cornelia Hesse-Honegger project who's taking form :)
we're actively looking for a museum that could receive a duo exhibition/performance/installation...
also, our d'incise release is being finalized :)
and on 11th december, looking forward to a Freiband / Zebra concert, as part of a class on Martin Hannett.


22 november "tissue fair" playlist

1. Francisco López "live in auckland" (Monotype Rec)
2. Grieg "Piano Music vol. 7 - Norwegian melodies n0s 118 to 152" (Naxos) TIP!
3. Krzysztof Komeda "Astigmatic" (Power Bros) TIP!
4. Miles Davis "Sketches of Spain" (Columbia)
5. Toy Bizarre "kdi dctb 039" (ferns)
6. Tortoise "TNT" (Thrill Jockey)
7. Bitstream Conversion V.A. (Erewhon)
8. Lull "like a slow river" (Glacial Movements)
9. Caspa & Rusko - Fabriclive 37 (Fabric)
10. Brian Eno "Before and After Science" (EMI)
11. Dubstep Allstars vol1, mixed by DJ Hatcha (Tempa) TIP!
12. Codeine "The White Birch" (Sub Pop)
13. Neil Young "Decade" 2CD (Warner Bros) TIP!
14. Erratic "the invisible landscape" (Mystery Sea)
15. Dvorák "String Quartet op.77" (Naxos)

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Anaphoria was aired on WFMU :)
Check it out WFMU



New, simplified web design. Recommended rejoice the News, among others.


29 october "knitting machine fever" playlist

1. Bob Dylan "slow train coming" LP (CBS)
2. mirt "most" LP (Nefryt) TIP!
3. n "Trischen" LP (Genesungswerk)
4. n "Bergen" LP (Genesungswerk) TIP!
5. Tarkatak "mormor" (Genesungswerk)
6. Tim Hardin "Suite for Susan and Damion" (BGO Records) TIP!
7. Foust! "Jungle Fever" (Swill Radio) TIP!
8. The Third Eye Foundation "Collected Works" 3CD (Domino)
9. DJ Shadow "in/flux - hindsight" (Mo'Wax)
10. Benga "Diary of an afro warrior" (Tempa) TIP!
11. Nurse With Wound "Soliloquy for Lilith" 3CD (?) TIP!
12. Troum "Darvê Sh / Ajin" promo CD (Nefryt?)
13. Vresnit "Vjuga.Ljet.Duj" CD-R (Vetvei)
14. Arszyn "z werszkow pierwszy" (Nefryt)
15. Dave Phillips -demo- will be TIP one day !

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The release of Anaphoria's still hot and we are already moving forward with francisco lópez's untitled #228
available within a few weeks, dont hesitate to pre-order, this one might not be available for a long time.


First review from Vital Weekly for Anaphoria already in !    verdict from Frans :  "Damn Fine Record" :)


Promo stuff for Anaphoria has been sent - now let's see the reviews :)
2 more places where our releases are available : Vynilla in Gent and ConSounling Sounds mailorder.
Check Shop page for more info !

3 october "sent Anaphoria boxes, now relaxing" playlist

1.Ralf Wehowsky / Lionel Marchetti "Vier Vorspiele / L'oeil retourné" (Selektion)
2. Eric La Casa "The stones of the threshold" (Ground Fault)
3. Hati "Works for scrap metal" (Eter Production) TIP!
4. V.A. "" book + CD (Okultura)
5. Troum "Tjukurrpa ( part three : rhytms and pulsations)" (Transgredient Records)
6. V.A. "Sacral Symphony" (EE Tapes) TIP!
7. Dave Phillips "They Live" LP TIP!
8. Francisco López / Michael Gendreau "Drowning / Untitled #185" LP (CIP)
9. Rosy Parlane "Iris" (Touch)
10. Tindersticks "Trouble Every Day" (Beggars Banquet)
11. Bob Dylan "The Basement Tapes" 2CD (Columbia)
12. Muslimgauze "Sufiq" (Soleilmoon)
13. Bruce Springsteen "Nebraska" (Columbia)
14. Caspar Brötzmann / Page Hamilton "Subsonic 4 : Zulutime" (Sub Rosa)
15. V.A. "Further East-Westercism" 2CD (Law&Auder) TIP!

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After a long holiday, we're back with some good news :
The Anaphoria [Kraig Grady] LP is OUT NOW and ready to ship !
Wonderful cover, pristine metallophone sounds of various pitches, it's a wonderful record and we are very happy that Kraig Grady trusted us in putting it out.
So, go check the shop page and get a copy home !

31 august "longest holidays" playlist

1. Foust! "Jungle Fever" (Swill Radio) TIP!
2. Popol Vuh "Aguirre" (SPV Recordings)
3. Mingus "The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady" (Impulse)
4. DJ Krush "Strictly Truntablized" (Mo'Wax)
5. Mouse on Mars "Vulvaland" (Too Pure)
6. Fluxion "Vibrant Forms II" 2CD (Chain Reaction) TIP!
7. Neu! "Neu! 75" (Astralwerks)
8. Bill Laswell / Nicholas James Bullen "Subsonic 2" (Sub Rosa) TIP!
 9. Skull Disco "Soundboy Punishments" 2CD (Skull Disco) TIP!
10. Grinderman "s/t" (Mute)
11. Spiracle "Ananta" (Mystery Sea)
12. Leif Elggren "Kapotte Muziek by" 7" (Korm Plastics)
13. Möslang / Wehowsky "s/t" 7" (Meeuw)
14. Asmus Tietchens "Kapotte Muziek by" 7" (Korm Plastics)
15. Andreas Martin / William Basinski / Christoph Heemann "Cloes/Untitled" 2x7" (Robot Records)

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Great times for ini.itu : things are starting to open up in the United States of America for us.
first of all, interest from the Muffs community :)
leading to possible distribution deals with Ear/Rational and a bit later this year with Mimaroglu Music Sales .
so, US fans, be calmed, soon the prohibitive postal costs might be old nightmares and you could spin our wonderful ini.itu's without worry.

You can also expect a few new distributors by the end of september : Vinyllia record shop in Gent (Belgium) and CounSouling Sounds (Mail-order, Belgium)

Also, a few news from friends of ini.itu, on other labels :

Dave Phillips has a 2CD-R release, based on field recordings of frogs on Scrotum Records !

David Ross and Richard Scott, from Twinkle³, are also part of Grutronics, with Stephen Grew, Nick Grew.
joined by Orphy Robinson and Paul Obermayer, they have a new release on Emanem
it's a much more busy and dense plate than their succulent "Let's make a solar system ", worth checking out


One more network, ini.itu is now using also

the Anaphoria LP is being pressed, dont hesitate to pre-order.


2 major reviews for theTwinkle³ album : one in The Wire, one from Tokafi

"an album on which craftsmanship and a dazzling, celestial futurism are gently and devastatingly melded"( The Wire )

check them out in their entirety in our reviews section !

12 july "Oolong Tea" playlist

1.The Necks "Chemist" (Fish of Milk)
2.Kouhei Matsunaga / Merzbow (Tigerbeat6)
3.Eric Cordier "Breizhiselad" (Erewhon)
4.Nico "The End" (Island) TIP!
5.Foetus Inc. "Sink" (Some Bizarre)
6.Buraka Som Sistema "Black Diamond"
7.Achim Wollscheid "60xX" (Ritornell)
8.Bohren & der Club of Gore "Black Earth" (Wonder) TIP!
9.Studio 1 "Studio1" (Profan / Kompakt) TIP!
10.Lalo Schifrin "THX1138 original soundtrack" (Film Score Silver Age Classics) TIP!
11.Miles Davis "A tribute to Jack Johnson" (Legacy)
12.Black Sabbath "Sabotage" (Sanctuary Records)
13.Francisco López "Wind [Patagonia]" (and/OAR)
14.Hafler Trio "Kill the King" "The name of someone" TIP!
15.Shifts "Trees/Leaves"  LP (Entr'acte)

currently reading :

Next month, we'll start a special section called "L** Loves" ;) stay tuned



New review by Justin Wunsch from Dusted Magazine for the Twinkle³ release !
check it out in the reviews page


Busy end of the month at ini.itu's headquarters :
with 2 further releases coming to completion, it looks like the end of the year will be hot !
One is a project by d'incise, from Switzerland, the other one is by none other than Francisco López.
they both reconfigured sounds from blindhaed's field recordings archive into masterful compositions.
final details still have to be settled, so stay tuned !

Meanwhile the Kraig Grady / Anaphoria is to be released imminently...


Wonderful deep review of Blindhaed's "Whether" by Tobias Fischer from Tokafi : here


Few news these last weeks, but we've been very busy mastering/finishing the Kraig Grady/Anaphoria release.
should be out within a few weeks now !

We realised our first release ( Blindhaed ) appeared on russian torrents.   What should we think about it ?
Right now they are very busy finishing a new album, whose title should be "Laguna Sunrise"
It features contributions by David Ross, Sarah Vacher, Richard Scott, Marcos "One Man Nation" and Federico Barabino


Our next release, "Anaphoria : Footpaths and Trade Routes" ( featuring Kraig Grady) should be out in July 2009
pre-orders are possible by e-mail

Frans de Waard announced on his blog that ini.itu will release some of his stuff
We gladly confirm that :)
It should be under his Freiband moniker

Blindhaed are finishing a drone album and several spare tracks, adding layers upon layers
It will hopefully feature raw sounds from a few friends of them,
among others David Ross, Richard Scott  & a few others
who still have to send their contributions.
it should be out on drone-specialized labels.

19 june "2nd week" playlist

1. Omar Souleyman "Dabke 2020" (Sublime Frequencies)
2. The Necks "Aether" (Fish of Milk) TIP!
3. Giancarlo Toniutti "ura itam taala' momojmuj löwajamuj cooconaja" (Ferns) TIP!
4. Sachiko M "Detect" (Antifrost)
5. Quadspring "...thanks Ted" CD-R (self-released)
 6. Aldina Duarte "apenas o amor" (EMI Portugal) TIP!
7. Artificial Memory Trace "Singta" (Waystyx) TIP!
8. Mutamassik "masriMokkassar : definitive works" (Sound Ink)
9. Goem "Extensie" (Noise Museum)
10. Right Speaker Heavy "Sketches of Marakech" (Vértice1925)
11. OHM+ "The early gurus of electronic music" (Ellipsis Arts)
12. The Necks "Chemist" (Fish of Milk)
13. Ralf Wehowsky "Nameless Victims" 3"CD (Metamkine)
14. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "Your Funeral... My Trial" CD+DVD (Mute)
15. G*Park "Reuters" LP (Tochnit Aleph)

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Our news will now be also updated on regularly,
so that our growing fanbase can easily use their RSS to keep in touch with what's happening here.
The mailing list option will now disappear !

The Kraig Grady release is being mastered at this very moment.

New review for Twinkle³ from Earlabs !

27 may "so-called holidays" playlist

1. Gainsbourg "aux armes et caetera" LP (Phonogram)
2. Maurizio Bianchi, Nobu Kasahara, Hitoshi Kojo "The Epidemic Symphony n°9" (Octpia) TIP!
3. Aube "reworks Maurizio Bianchi vol 1." (Silentes)
4. Kraftwerk "Trans Europe Express" (Capitol)
5. Achim Wollscheid "60xX" (Ritornell)
7. dj/rupture "58.46 radio mix" (Negrophonic)
8. Kraig Grady "Beyond the windows perhaps among the podcorn" (Transparency) TIP!
9. Final "One" (Subharmonic)
10. Lull "Like a slow river" (Glacial Movements)

11. Artificial Memory Trace "Orgenviron Throbsine" (self released)
12. bernhard günter "Then, Silence" (Trente Oiseaux) TIP!
13. Neina "Formed Verse" (Mille Plateaux)
14. Derek Bailey "Ballads" (Tzadik)
15. Popol Vuh "Aguirre" (SPV)

currently reading :

??? loves rolling around



One more review for Twinkle³ by Sergey from Maeror3.
Final touches to the Kraig Grady release, it should be out in July :)
We are still looking for a distributor in North America and in Japan...


Our LPs were played by Dr Korper from Komplot on his #154Show on Radio Panik.
if i understand it correctly, Blindhaed was even overlayed the whole show trough :)
that's good !

click here for podcast

One more review for Blindhaed "Whether..." by Sergey from Maeror3    in Russian !


One should never despair : here is a review for Blindhaed "Whether..." on Connexion Bizarre.   And it's a nice one !


New review for Twinkle³ "let's make a solar system", by Sarah Vacher, in spanish !

3 may "long WE" playlist

1. Thee, Stranded Horse and Ballake Sissoko 12" (Talitres) TIP!
2. Ricardo Villalobos "Fizheuer Zieheuer" 12" (Playhouse)
3. Plymouth Symphony Orchestra "Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue" LP (Plymouth)
4. Foust! "Last morning rain" 3"CDR (Moll) TIP!
5. Frans de Waard "Vijf Profielen" (Alluvial Recordings)
6. Kraig Grady "Beyond the windows perhaps among the podcorn" (Transparency)
6. Mutamassik "masri Mokkassar : definitive works" (Sound Ink)
7. Freiband "Homeward" (Bottrop Boy)
8. Francisco López "untitled (2006-2007)" 2CD (Monochrome Vision) TIP!
9. Achim Wollscheid "60xX" (Ritornell)
10. Axiom Ambient "Lost in the translation" 2CD  (Axiom)
11. Stilluppsteypa "the immediate past is of no interest to us - 10 years of continuous pointless activities" (Bottrop Boy)
12. Aube "reworks Maurizio Bianchi vol 1" (silentes)
13. Bohren & der Club of Gore "Black Earth" (Wonder) TIP!
14. The Tobacconists! "The Route" 3" CDR (Moll)
15. Kid606 "the soccergirl EP" (Carpark)



A new review for Twinkle³ "let's make a solar system ", on Textura.
plans for a mini festival somewhere later in the year :)


ini.itu's full catalog ( yeah yeah, it's only 2 LPs... ) is now available from J.J. Records record store in Leuven.


We heard that some excerpts of the Twinkle³ release had been aired
on a Radio Panik! program, called "L'étranger"

4 april "cool duty day" playlist

1. Martiensgohome "abscons depuis 1996" USB (self-released) TIP!
2. Wolf Eyes "The Driller / Psychogeist" LP (SubPop)
3. Audio-Camera "Bruits de la vie (n°1)" LP (Vega)
4. To Rococo Rot + D "trrd" LP (SoulStatic Sound)
5. Bob Dylan "Desire" LP (CBS)
6. "L'empire des sens" OST LP (Barclay) TIP!
7. Squares on Both Sides "Croquet" LP (Hausmusik) TIP!
8. Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandell "Dueling Banjos ( from Deliverance OST)" LP (Warner Bros)
9. V/A : Archives GRM "Les visiteurs de l'aventure concrète" CD (INA)
10. vidnaObmana "the River of Appearance" CD (Projekt65)
11. Silvester Anfang "Satanische Vrede" LP (Kraak)
12. Genf "Aachen-Brüssel" 12" (Compost)
13. Derek Bailey with Min Tanaka "Music and Dance" LP (Table of the Elements)
14. Justin K. Broadrick / Andy Hawkins "Skinner's black laboratories" CD (Sub Rosa)
15.T Power "Waveform" (Anti Static Recordings)

currently reading :



First review in from Frans de Waard, a good one !
"Music that is fresh! New! Exciting! Odd but great."
since we know the scope of his musical knowledge, that's a great compliment from him !

ini.itu also briefly appeared on Tokafi's twitter :
"Two lovely-looking Vinyl releases by new, eclectic label "ini itu" from Brussels & Jakarta"
i guess we can expect some comments from there soon :)


Our second release, "Let's make a solar system" by Twinkle³, is out now !
received the vinyls from the press plant today, and the cover and sound are superb.
This thing will fly out fast...    Take a look at the shop page !

Maybe some plans for Blindhaed to perform live somewhere in june.

Confirmations that our next release might be by Kraig Grady :)

16 march "2nd release" playlist

1. Twinkle³ "let's make a solar system" LP (ini.itu) TIP! :)
2. Graham Nash "Songs for beginners" LP (Atlantic)
3. Verlaine et Rimbaud chantés par Léo Ferré 2LP (Barclay)
4. William S. Burroughs "Break trough in grey room" LP (Sub Rosa)
5. Music from the original soundtrack of "A fistful of dollars" & "for a few dollars more" LP (RCA)
6. Leonard Cohen "Songs from a room" LP (CBS)
7. I ? Sarah "Isle of Sarah" LP (Animal Lovers Only)
8. Nick Drake "Bryter Layter" (Island Records)
9. The Sabres of Paradise "Wilmot" (Warp)
10. Kioshi Mizutani "Bird Songs" (Ground Fault) TIP!
11. Efek Rumah Kaca "Kamar Gelap" (Aksara Records)
12. Zelphabet "G" (Zelphabet) TIP!
13. Serge Gainsbourg "Comic Strip" (Philips)
14. Knifehandchop vs DJ Aneurysm "Shotgun wedding volume Two / Evil Doppelganger" (Violent Turd)
15. Georges Brassens "Les copains d'abord" (Mercury)



Another late Blindhaed review from Introspect !   and it's in Lithuanian :)
Putain, putain, c'est vachement bien, nous sommes quand même tous des Européens !

1 march "on duty again" playlist

1. Silex "Alphabet" (Vibrant Music)
2. Amália Rodriguez "The queen of fado" (CNM)
3. jgrzinich "Phase Inversion" (Mystery Sea) TIP!
4. Dinosaur Jr "You're living all over me" (Sweet Nothing)
4. Love Inc. "Life's a gas" (Force Inc.) TIP!
5. Asmus Tietchens. Vidna Obmana "Syrenia 2" (Syrenia) TIP!
6. Angelo Badalamenti "Music from Twin Peaks" (Warner)
7. Gamelan Son of Lion "Bending the Gending" ( GSOL )
8. VA "Soundboy punishments" ( Skull Disco )
9. Hallucinator "Landlocked" (Chain Reaction)
10. Luke Vibert "YosepH" (Warp)
11. Seefeel "Quique" (Too Pure)
12. Kim Hiorthoy "Hei" (Smalltown Supersound) TIP!
13. Von Südenfed "Tromatic Reflexxions" 2LP (Domino Recordings) TIP!
14. Gang Gang Dance "Saint Dymphnae" LP (Warp)
15. Twinkle³ "Let's make a solar system" Test pressing LP (ini.itu) TIP! 



Our Blindhaed 12" finally got a nice review ( 8.5/10 ) from EARLabs !
Better late than never :)   Check it out here


Test pressings for the Twinkle³ have arrived !
wow :)   that's a great record, it's now confirmed on vinyl...
Still needs to be assessed by David Ross and Richard Scott from the band, though.
We expect those albums to be quickly out of our doors when they arrive.

in the meantime we got confirmations from 3 great artists that they are cooking something for us ;)


Test pressings for Twinkle³ on the way !
Promos will be sent very soon...
two lo-fi MP3 samples on the main page !


our second release, by Twinkle³ is on its way : labels are already printed !   vinyl should follow soon :)
we are very excited by this new release, that will definitely mean a jump up in quality for ini.itu

since we spent a week or so in Lisboa we had the opportunity to hear a lot of fado ( incl. Fado Museum ), which we really enjoy here.
Definitely crunches for Celeste Rodrigues ( the sister of the famous one ), Aldina Duarte & long known Maria Teresa de Noronha.
also visiting Fernando Pessoa's latest house was a high point in our stay - we hope one day we could perform in that space !

7 february 2009 "back from Lisboa" playlist

1. VA - "Soundboy's gravestone gets desecrated by vandals" 2CD (Skull Disco)
2. VA - "Alpenglühen (Crevasse edition)" (Dhyana Records)
3. Clive Bell - David Ross "Mystery Lights - Nightflower" (Metier Records)
4. Aldina Duarte "Apenas o amor" (EMI Portugal)
5. Antony & the Johnsons "The Crying Light" (Rough Trade) 
6. Deep "Sleep606" 8" (Dhyana Records)
7. VA "Heizung Raum 318" (1000füssler) TIP!
8. Os Quais "Meio Disco" (Amor Fúria) TIP!
9. Love Inc. "Life's a gas" (Force Inc) TIP! 
10. Arve Henriksen "chiaroscuro" (Rune Grammofon)
11. Pelt - Untitled (VHF090)
12. Gudmundur Ingólfsson compilation 2CD (Jazzis)
13. VA "Dirt Beneath the Daydream - A Collection of Sound from Aotearoa/New Zealand" (The Wire/The Audiofoundation)
14. VA - "Muzika Voln" (Zhelezobeton)
15. Léo Ferré "Avec le temps" LP (Barclay)

touristic recommandations in Lisboa :
Pensão Norte ** Rua dos Douradores, 161 (hotel)
Flur - Sta Apolonia (record shop) currently reading :


We are very happy to announce that our Blindhaed piece has been fully broadcast by Nico Bogaerts' Sound & Emotions playlist 278 
if you're fast enough you can still hear it !    We're very happy :)    and we forgive him the mistake in the name...


Looks like Staalplaat (Berlin) will be carrying on ini.itu releases soon ( february ) !
S/ who made the design for covers has a gallery on PERKuNOWA : check Gallery 2
ini.itu was also thanked in the Sounds & Emotions playlist 277 - even though we dont think they've aired us yet ;) 
We will be in Lisboa until the end of the january, so dont expect much updates and replies in the next few days...


Our first release made it into Daniel Crokaert/Mystery Sea's best of 2008 !
We are busy finishing our 2nd release, which should be out in February...

11th January 2009 "mapping protestants" playlist

1. Deep + June Paik "I mog Deep" ( Verato Project ) TIP!
2. Frederico Barabino & Fever Spoor "Haunted" (Anima Mal Nata) TIP!
3. Machinefabriek & Fever Spoor "Deviaties" (Anima Mal Nata)
4. i:wound "the siamese box" (Verato Project)
5. Ninth Desert "collision h" (Verato Project)
6. Biggcietyorcheestr "In a Persian market" (Verato Project)
7. Merzbow "Anicca" (Cold Spring Records)
8. Inade "Aldebaran" (Cold Spring Records)
9. Necropolis "Necrosphere" (Cold Spring Records)
10. John Watermann "Calcutta Gas Chamber" (Cold Spring Records)
11. Sleep Research Facility "Deep Frieze" (Cold Spring Records)
12. Neina "Formed Verse" (Mille Plateaux)
13. Monoton "Blau" (Monotonprodukt) TIP!
14. Black Sabbath "Vol. 4" (Sanctuary)
15. Coil "Worship the glitch" (World Serpent)

currently reading :

20th December "Saint Nemesius" playlist

1. Akira Rabelais "Eisoptrophobia" (Ritornell)
2. From the White Chimneys "Nautilus with wings" (Mystery Sea)
3. Celer "Tropical" (Mystery Sea)
4. Revenant "topoló" (Prele)
5. Jack Rose "I do play rock and roll" LP (Three Lobed) TIP!
6. Jack Rose "Kensington Blues" (Revolver USA)
7. Weather Report "The best of" (Legacy)
9. Coil "presents Black Light District" (Eskaton)
10. Bruce Springsteen "Nebraska" (Columbia)
11. Kraig Grady "Beyond the windows, perhaps among the podcorn" (Transparency)
12. Vidna Obmana and Asmus Tietchens "motives for recycling" (Soleilmoon Recordings)
13. Zelphabet "E"
14. Artificial Memory Trace "Vol 13. Erozion" LP (Ers)
15. Genf "Aachen-Brüssel" 12" (Compost)

currently reading :



Final touch is being put to the next release, an LP by Twinkle³ ( = Richard Scott, David Ross & Clive Bell )
We are VERY excited about it, and very proud to release what we consider one of the nicest electronic LPs from the last few years.

Distribution-side we are extending our pseudopods thanks to Drone Records (Germany), Suggestion Records (Germany)  and Zhelezobeton (Russia)


ini.itu will be available soon from Norman Records, Leeds, UK !


ini.itu is now available in 2 selected and very friendly record shops in Bruxelles :

Veals & Geeks
Rue des Grands Carmes, 8a

Rue des pierres, 37

Check them out! They both have wonderful (but quite different) selections of music !

22nd November "St Cecilia" playlist

1. Current93 "Looney Runes" (World Serpent)
2. Alan Courtis & Kouhei Matsunaga "Courtis_Matsunaga" (Prele)
3. Steve Roden / in be tween noise "The radio" (Sonoris)
4. Y-Ton-G, Asmus Tietchens, Kouhei Matsunaga "YAK" (monochrome vision)
5. Major Deluxe (2nd album demo)
6. Penderecki "Orchestral works vol 2 : Symphonies Nos. 1 and 5" (Naxos)
7. Dave Phillips "6" (The egg and we music) TIP!
8. Dave Phillips "field recordings" (Little Enjoyer) TIP!
9. Messiaen "Vingt regards sur l'enfant Jésus" (Naxos)
10. Górecki "Symphony No. 3 (Symphony of Sorrowful songs) - 3 Olden Style Pieces" (Naxos)
11. Anthony Coleman "Shmutsige Magnaten" (Tzadik)
12. Depth Charge "Nine Deadly Venoms" (Vinyl Solution)
13. Labradford "Prazision LP" (Kranky)
14. Francisco López "untitled (1999)" (Subsound)
15. Asmus Tietchens "Teils Teils" LP (Swill Radio) TIP!

currently reading :



ini.itu is now available through Cold Spring for the U.K.    Check out their catalog, there are other nice things to order there !
( we are waiting from them for stuff from Inade, Sleep Research Center & Lull , among other )
if there are other distributors/mail orders willing to distribute our stuff, they can feel free to e-mail us !


website now online without ads !
some copies on the way to Cold Spring(UK)
Another big profile artist whose name will not be disclosed wants to release something with us :)


The website hosted by obxhost was down for a few days :(
And our D-LINK 510 wifi is definitely not working.
We could temporarily host the website somewhere, but still with those horrible ads.
We'll sort this out in a few days.


It's been a while since the last update, thanks to our Fujitsu-Siemens 22" brand new screen who decided to give up after one month of use.   Thanks !
Quite a few better things happened in the meantime : firstly, a new review by Frans De Waard from Vital Weekly 649 ! the man liked our stuff :)
Second, a few new contacts who are willing to release something with us in the next few months.   Very promising stuff ! We hardly cant wait !
Third, we heard that vinyl 0801 #036 had been broken in two by an Australian postman.   poor thing.   We'll try to provide the folks at Cyclic Defrost with a replacement.
Another good news, we'll probably be available through Cold Spring in the UK.


Added a F.A.Q. section
Some ini.itu's are already flying all over Europe tonight


Today we received a first demo !
and it's great...
more news about that later...


We received a first review from Sarah Vacher !
It's in Spanish !   Check it out :)


Press release sent !
Click here to download it


We finally got our precious postal boxes from !
means we'll send a first batch of promos next week.
watch your postbox or order :)

We also had contacts with very promising artists
Maybe there are already a few releases in the pipeline...

1st November 08 "on duty" playlist  

1. Zelphabet "E" (Zelphabet)
2. Kapotte Muziek by Freiband - credit card CD (moll)
3. Freiband "Untitled Drone Work" "Capture" "Ice Field" 3" CD (moll)
4. Freiband and Colin Tudor "Pantones" 3"CD (moll)
5. Lambchop "rainer on my parade" tour CD (no label)
6. Two Lone Swordsmen "The Fifth Mission" CD (Sabres of Paradise)
7. Rosy Parlane "Jessamine" (Touch)
8. Steely Dan "Pretzel Logic" (MCA)
9. Electrograph - Athens sound media festival 3"CD (electrograph-antifrost)
10. d'incise "les dérives" (audioactivity) + "sécheresse plantée en plein ciel" (Gruenrekorder) TIP!
11. The Incredible String Band "The hangman's beautiful daughter" (Elektra)
12. Dave Phillips "Should a seeker..." MP3 (Radical Matters)
13. Twinkle³ - demo
14. Animal Collective "Strawberry Jams" (Domino)
15. Stilluppsteypa "Stories part five" (Ritornell)
16. Asmus Tietchens "eine ganze menge" (1000füssler)

currently reading :

October 08 "St Francis Borgia"  playlist 

1. Uri Caine "Book of Angels vol.6 Moloch" (Tzadik)
2. An anthology of noise & electronic music / first a-chronology (Sub Rosa)
3. Pan Sonic "Kesto" (Blast First/Mute)
4. Secret Chiefs 3 "Book of Horizons" (Mimicry) TIP!
5. Lambchop "Damaged" (City Slang)
8. Artificial Memory Trace "deve_loop / proGen" (psiclone)
9. Artificial Memory Trace "soundcreatures" (psiclone)
10. Artiticial Memory Trace "Evaporation" (Psi Phenomenon)
11. Secret Chiefs 3 "Book of Angels vol 9. Xaphan"
12 Feiband "Parallel" MP3  (12k)
13. Roel Meelkop "Ghost Tracks" MP3  (Earlabs)
14. Yasushi Miura "Mas alla de las mecanicas" MP3  (Ruidemos)
15. Adrian Juarez / Pablo Reche "split series 3" MP3  (mirakelmusic)



Still waiting for some boxes to send our LPs around the world.
Expect some reviews soon ;)

late september 08 playlist :

1. Flat Earth Society "Trap" (Lowlands/Zonk)
2. Suarasama "Fajar di atas awan" (Drag City) TIP!
3. Animal Collective "Strawberry Jams" (Domino)
4. One Man Nation "Rained and it rained, bullets it rained" (Syrphe)
5. An anthology of noise & electronic music / third a-chronology (Sub Rosa)
6. Zelphabet "A" "B" "C" & "D" (Zelphabet)
7. Tom Brosseau "Cavalier" (Fat Cat) TIP!
8. Monoton "Blau" (Oral) TIP!
9. Chistopher McFall "This heat holds snow" (Mystery Sea)
10. Mirko Uhlig "The Nighmiller" (Mystery Sea)
11. David Karsten Daniels "Sharp teeth" (Fat Cat)
12. Lull & Beta Cloud "Circadian Rythm Disturbance" ltd 3" (Laughing Bride Media)
13. d'incise "les restes du festin" MP3 (Test Tube)
14. Jim'O'Rourke / Thomas Ankersmit  LP (Tochnit Aleph)

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The LPs have finally arrived ! wonderful job by the Mobineko crew :
they look gorgeous and the sound is exactly as intended.
now let's proceed to Phase II...

mid-september 08 playlist :

1. Daniel Menche "the face of vehemence" (GroundFault)
2. Stilluppsteypa & TV Pow "We are everyone in the room" (erstwhile)
3. En Busca Del Pasto (various) (Ruidemos)
4. Asmus Tietchens : various Menge (Ritornell)
5.Steve Roden "Crop Circles" (trente oiseaux)
6. OST "A fistful of dollars" & "For a few dollars more" LP (RCA)
7. Manuel Cano "Concierto" LP (RCA)
8. Leo Kottke "The Best" LP (EMI)



We saw on our Mobineko account that our first release has been shipped !
We are waiting with great excitement to receive it :)


Installation of "Fritz" our new computer in 4AmperStudio
Will take over the role of "Adam" for design and audio works.


We heard Blindhaed were busy with new music originated in the Schwarzwald region !

Our late august 08 "trip to Venice" playlist :

1. Sonic Youth "Goo" (Geffen)
2. Jesus Lizard "Bang"
3. Harmonia "Deluxe" (Brain)
4. Twin Peaks OST
5. Beck "Yellow Gold"
6.Eddie Vedder "Into the Wild OST"
7.Tricky "Maxinquaye"

( yes, that playlist is a bit different than usual, but it's all road music ! )

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We are going on holidays for a few days ...
hoping we can start to deliver the first album when we're back.

17.8.2008 :

ini.itu appearing on the google machine at a nice #2 place !
we've been doing many pictures again in our semi-industrial resort, some of them might appear on covers some days.

Our august 08 playlist :

  1. Bernard Parmegiani "L'oeuvre musicale en 12CDs"
  2. Archives GRM 5CD Box
  3. Es "A love cycle"
  4. Rosy Parlane "Jessamine" TIP!
  5. Zbigniew Karkowski "choices of points for the application of force"
  6. Spiracle "Iris" TIP!
  7. Monoton "Blau"
  8. Ken Ikeda "Merge"
  9. Eric Cordier "Breizhiselad"
  10. Gas "Nah und Fern"
  11. A.M. "Orla."

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8.8.2008 :

a nice number, we received our invoice from Mobineko ! pressing the record is on its way

2.8.2008 : is now online.

1.8.2008 :

we are about to release our first LP from ini.itu; which will be the 2nd official release for Blindhæð .
all the masters and artworks have been sent to our press,
Richard has been doing a great job there, answering all email very fast and accurately.

15.3.2008 :

OUT NOW on Ruidemos : Blindhæð "It's a bit like playing a game - a frustrating game, etc."
( direct link to archive here )