1. Ordering from online distributors

The most interesting option for you is to order from one of the mail-orders distributing us :

Europe America Asia

Metamkine (FR)
Norman Records (UK)

Drone Records (GER)
SoundOhm (IT)
Toolbox Records (FR)
A-Musik (GER)

Juno Records (UK)
Boomkat  (UK)
No Man's Land  (GER)
ConSouling Sounds (BE)
Minimamedia (GER)

Monochrome Vision (RU)
Suggestion Records  (GER)
Zhelezobeton (RU)
Sound323 (UK)
Instant Jazz (BE)
Cold Spring

Tochnit Aleph  (GER)

Tedium House (US)

RRRecords (US)
Midheaven (US)
Swill Radio (US)

( we're looking for more distributors here ! )

[Art into Life]  (JP)

( we're looking for more distributors here ! )

If you can't find our LPs in the record stores, ask them to order through one of the above or buy them directly from us

NOTICE for RETAIL buyers : ideal number of copies to US is 20 to 23 !

you could also take a look on :

2. Record shops

If you are in Belgium, France or The Netherlands or passing by, some of our releases also available in those shops at an advantageous rate

Vynilla <<<
Sint-Kwintensberg 38
9000 Gent
tel. 0(032)9 223 71 22


Veals & Geeks <<<
Rue des Grands Carmes, 8a
1000 Bruxelles
tel. 0(032)2 511 40 14

Antenne <<<
Noordstraat 82
5038 EK Tilburg
tel 0(031) 13 542 1708


Besides Records <<< NEW
47 rue d'Amiens
59000 Lille
tel 0(033)

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